Hidden Creative

  • Date June - October 2017
  • Role Front-end development + consultancy
  • Technologies React, Angular 4+, Cordova, JavaScript, Sass
  • Location On-site: Manchester
  • Website https://www.hiddenltd.com/

I was brought into Hidden to work with their design and 3D teams to bring one of their immersive virtual reality experiences to the web. This involved a strong emphasis on performance as the application included a lot of images, image sequences, video, 3D and animation.

The project was completed and launched on time for one of their biggest US clients. After this I documented the process and wrote maintenance instructions for the clients’ in–house team to take over.

Another project I worked on was a hybrid app for use at a trade show. This was built with the tightest of deadlines - 3 days! I chose Angular 4 and Cordova to rapidly build the app and it was completed within the timeframe.

Whilst at Hidden I identified patterns in their existing projects that could be repeated and created a reusable framework, built with React, that scaffolded a web application ready for content input and branding for their clients. This cut the build time for future projects drastically and allows junior and non front-end specialists to build these web apps quickly and easily.

I trained their newly hired junior front-end developer on development best practises and workflow, and documented these standards for their developers to use ongoing.