Why I’m writing


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Forcing it 👨‍💻

I was forcing myself to write today, but why? I certainly didn’t commit to writing every day in my second article of the year, I’m going to write more - for a bit, but it’s becoming a habit, and I’ve been enjoying it so far.

I thought this might happen at some point. I don’t want to write today but I’m sure if I start, by the end of this article I’ll have come round to the idea, and I’ll be rambling on about something entirely different than I’m thinking about right now.


Why I write

Even though I write about topics including Adventure, Fitness, and Productivity - not exactly forthcoming, deep subjects - the act of writing itself is therapeutic for me.

For me

I’m a firm believer in writing for myself - notes, reminders, tutorials for future me. Diary-like entries about what I’ve been up to and how I felt about it. Getting down in public what I want to achieve for accountability.

That’s why I do this.


For my friends

I’ve had good feedback from my friends and peers about what I’ve been writing so far, so I’ll continue. People are taking my advice and ideas on health and wellness subjects like running and fasting.

That’s why I do this.


For my peers

I believe that if it helps just one other person then it’s been worth getting it down on the page or in a talk.

In 2018 presented at a front-end web development conference in Sheffield and afterwards, someone came up to tell me that they’d followed a tutorial I wrote in an article, and it had directly contributed to them getting a promotion.

On stage at a conference

Me, speaking at the conference in 2018

Years later, another developer came up to me at an event of 100’s of people, bought me a beer, and told me that the talk I gave at that conference helped him in his job too.

That’s why I do this (not the beer).


Why you should write too

You do have something worth saying - writing can help banish imposter syndrome.

If it inspires one other person, it’s worth doing.

Go ahead and write something. Let me know. I’ll read it.

Thanks for reading! 👋🏻
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