What I didn’t achieve this month


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Where’s the year going?

We’re now two months into 2021. Wow. This month was a rocky one for many personal reasons. I don’t feel good, I haven’t been as productive as I’d like you to believe, and am lacking in the motivation department right now.

Rather than go on about what I got done this month as I did in my January roundup, I’d prefer to admit my failures and tell you what I didn’t achieve this month.


February roundup

In February 2021, I managed not to:

  • Do any coding on any side projects, or this website
  • Stick to my training schedule - I probably averaged about 2/3rd of the workouts I needed to do
  • Get out on my bike at all, I wanted to start cycling for leisure again this month
  • Weigh myself and log the results - no idea if I’m staying on track
  • Stick to a vegan diet - a lot of cheese got eaten as soon as I fell off this particular wagon
  • Stick to any form of diet at all - it’s not been great
  • Do a single bit of research towards buying a house
  • Speak to many of my friends, at all

When things in my personal life go badly, I start to get stressed and feel incredibly down.

When this happens my habits, plans, schedules, and goals go out of the window.

This is me admitting that I’m only human and far from perfect - not the productive, efficient guru you might think, 100% of the time.

Gloomy Grammarly

Grammarly, rubbing it in

It’s not all doom and gloom though.

I did manage to:

  • Write an article every day on this blog
  • Listen to 9 more audiobooks out of my proposed 52 for the year
  • Read 2 more books out of my proposed 52 for the year
  • Continue my investment schedule towards my Seven Summits Goal

Attempting to remain positive, I guess the only way now is up.

Thanks for reading! 👋🏻
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