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Productivity spotlight 🔍

I’ve been writing all year so far. There’s been a variety of topics:

When I set out to write articles I knew I wanted to write productivity tips. I’d been asked by friends and colleagues to share how I am seem so productive.

Here’s a spotlight on my articles in that category and a bit about each technique that I use to be more productive on a daily basis.


Scheduling starts today

Partway through January, I started marathon training. As I mentioned in What it takes to run a marathon, this takes a lot of juggling and scheduling to keep a work-life-training balance.

This article is an insight into how I set up my calendar to organise and make time for everything I need.

Read “Scheduling starts today”, written on 24-01-2021.


Intro to bullet journaling

Bullet journaling is another productivity technique that I use to organise my tasks on a more granular level than a calendar. Daily, weekly, monthly, 6-monthly tasks go in here.

This article explains the concepts used in bullet journaling and gives examples of my journal and how I use it.

Read “Intro to bullet journaling”, written on 13-01-2021.


Intro to the Pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro technique, in short, is working in 25-minute bursts on small tasks, with short breaks in between to recharge.

In this article I explain the technique in more detail and give examples of how to use it to be more productive, focused, and get more done.

In later articles such as “Building a custom URL shortener in 25 minutes” and “Building an article randomiser” I use this technique to develop a piece of functionality for this website in 25 minutes and document the process. I even wrote the article itself in one Pomodoro.

I also explain the abundance of tomato emojis on the blog.

Read “Intro to the Pomodoro technique”, written on 14-02-2021.


Intro to habit tracking

I use habit tracking every day, to visually represent new habits I want to form, or bad habits I want to avoid.

In this article I introduce the habit tracking method, detail and track my habits for the month of January.

Read “Intro to habit tracking”, written on 06-01-2021.


Why I wrote this

As I’ve discussed, I am a very productive person and seem to get a lot done each day, week, month, and year.

When asked about how I do this, I get an idea to write it up in an article so I can point further questions towards my summaries of the techniques.

If you try any of these techniques and they help, please let me know.

Thanks for reading! 👋🏻
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