One month down


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Time is already flying

We’re one month into 2021. Wow. I’ve never known the start of the year to move so fast, whilst simultaneously seeming to be filled with not that much at all.

What a blur.

Despite having to stay inside for the majority of the time, I suppose I’ve started the year off fairly well, begun to chip away at my goals for the year and to organise things for if when the world outside gets back to normal.


January roundup

In January 2021, I managed to:

All in all, not a bad haul.



I built some new habits and tracked my current ones on my Habit Tracker this month.

These were:

  • Audiobook and Reading - did a lot of this, every day
  • Writing - did this every day
  • Taking photos - did this every day
  • Exercise goals - smashed it every day
  • Eat vegan - did this other than one day
  • Stick to daily budget - largely did this, trying something different this month
  • Social media - posted when appropriate
  • Blog coding - did every day but one
  • House research - did some, putting it on hold for a bit
  • 30 Days of Leadership - still going with this one for a few more days

Most of all, I managed to remain relatively positive with everything going on, stay on track with my training, keep my goals in the forefront of my mind and now feel invigorated and have strength to carry this mindset on into the year.

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