Dealing with negative thoughts


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This is bad, but 💭

I’m not a fan of journaling my thoughts and feelings. I’m not keen on the idea of counselling, and of talking about my feelings.

I know that’s probably not the greatest attitude to have, but I have my own ways of dealing with negative, dark, unhelpful thoughts, for now.


My “happy place”

Being outside in nature is my happy place, whether that’s atop a mountain, swimming in a river or lake, under the sea, or falling through the sky.

Our world is still a huge, beautiful place and nature is calming, the vast expanse of it makes me feel so small and puts my problems in perspective.


Leaving my thoughts there

I write my thoughts down on an imaginary piece of paper and let it go somewhere in the vast world.

I leave them at the top of the mountains and watch them fly away in the wind.

I drop them off a cliff into a rushing river and visualise them floating downstream.

I leave them deep in the wide ocean or high the infinite sky, never to be heard from again.

Giving these thoughts to nature means that they’ll drift away and be broken down into the smallest molecules, be sanitised and cleansed. Gone.


My writing

This article is written in Wellness and tagged with Wellbeing. People, including myself, are struggling right now. There might be something useful in there.

I said I hate journaling my thoughts and feelings, but writing does help somewhat, even if it’s not writing about personal subjects.

If any of my writing helps just one other person, it’ll have been worth it.

Thanks for reading! 👋🏻
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