33 before 33


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Things I want to achieve before I’m 33 🥳

I’ve seen a lot of people online do a “30 before 30” or “40 before 40” list. I’m too old for the former and don’t want to wait to do the latter.

Plus on my 30th birthday, I already set a 10-year plan in motion to, amongst other things, run the 6 World Marathon Majors and stand atop the world’s Seven Summits before I hit the big Four-Oh.

I’m 33 this year. The big Three-Three. So why not do a “33 before 33” list? Why not overdo it and make it all 33-themed? I could do a lot of 33-day challenges 🧐

It’s also said that it takes around 30 days to form a habit. That’ll work - I’ll put a few new habits that I want to form on here to pad out the list.


As I write this, I have exactly 10 months remaining. That’s 303 days. Or 7,272 hours.

Before then, I want to achieve the following:

  1. Write 33 articles on this blog
  2. Listen to 33 audiobooks
  3. Read 33 books
  4. Watch 33 films from the IMDB top 250 - that I haven’t already seen
  5. Run 33 miles (~53km) in one go
  6. Run 33 5k’s, trying to get my PB down to sub-18-minute - currently 19:05
  7. Run 33 10k’s, trying to get my PB down to sub-38-minute - currently 41:11
  8. Visit 33 countries in total - currently 31
  9. Spend 33 nights abroad in 2021
  10. Summit 33 Wainwrights - currently 8/214
  11. Summit 33 Nuttalls - preferably separate to Wainwrights summited
  12. Summit 33 Munros - currently 7/282
  13. Top 33 of England’s County Tops - currently 3/41
  14. Complete the 33 miles of the Welsh 3000s challenge
  15. Log 33 hours of hiking/leading in 2021
  16. Log 33 hours of scuba diving/instructing in 2021
  17. Swim in open water 33 times - need to get training!
  18. Have 33 days of beard growth
  19. Go 33 days caffeine-free
  20. Go 33 days alcohol-free
  21. Go 33 days refined sugar-free
  22. Do 33 days of veganism
  23. Bake 33 loaves of bread - currently 9
  24. Complete 33 days of intermittent fasting
  25. Complete 33 days of meditation
  26. Take 33 quality photographs of nature/scenery that I’m proud of
  27. Posted 33 adventure photographs that I’m proud of on my Instagram account
  28. Go 33 days without social media
  29. Take a step towards my life goals, every week for 33 weeks - I’m tracking this
  30. Have 33 months’ (2.75 years) of saving towards Everest 2028
  31. Earn £33 from one of my side projects
  32. Have lived in my own property for 33 days - (a stretch goal)
  33. Celebrate 33 years of being alive 🥳

So far it’s only the beard, which wasn’t much effort - especially considering I’ve no real need to go outside and be presentable these days!

A lot of these are extremely hopeful given the current circumstances, but there’s no harm in wishful thinking and big dreaming. So here’s hoping we can get outside, climb, hike, swim, dive, travel, very soon!

Spreadsheet to track progress on this list

Did you really think I wouldn’t create a spreadsheet for this? 🤔

I’ll check back on this article in my monthly roundups and tick off what I’ve achieved.

Watch this space.

Thanks for reading! 👋🏻
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